Submitted by Embassy on Mon, 09/17/2007 - 13:53.

Ironlak Instore

Ironlak has been developed with the artists needs in mind. Whislt primarily attention is focused on producing a top quality line of paint, we also understand (from our own experience) most artists are not wealthy. We believe we offer an awesome product, for an even better price.

Ironlak cans come ready with an outliner in place to help you get out there painting quicker and save you even more money.

Much of the development time has been focused on getting the valve right. After testing many variables and combinations we have produced a can with a valve and cap system capable of both high and low pressure output depending on the desired result.

In the few short years since first being released in Australia - the product has undergone numerous formulation changes in order to produce a world-class product that Australian's can call their own.

2007 will see the release of new colours - further expanding the existing colour range of 34 colours to in excess of 50 colours by the end of 2007.